Chase Hill

CPT, CPR | Personal Trainer

With 15+ years of coaching experience I’ve trained just about all types of clients. I began Coaching at 19 years old doing part time training while in school. At 23 years old I began coaching full time at Lions Den Gym.

My training began with mostly middle school and high school athletes. I have since trained adults as old as 65 years of age. My ideal client is someone that is coachable and likes gaining ground rather than spinning their wheels in the gym. I specialize in functional fitness. What does that mean? 

I put a heavy emphasis on flexibility, functional strength, cardiovascular health, overall joint/muscle stability, and of course, aesthetics. Why aesthetics? Because when you look good, you feel good. And, we all deserve to feel good for our hard work.

Now, If your body is going to last for the long term, we have to train the body for longevity. So, it can’t be simply about running longer or faster. We must also run with efficient running mechanics. We can’t simply lift more weight and lift it more times than before. We have to lift it in a fashion that is of higher quality than before. 

Catching on? 

It’s not all about WHAT we are doing, but In fact HOW we execute what is being done. 

We will focus on training intelligently, and in a way that transfers into your daily life.

How do we accomplish this?

We remain consistent with the proper training program. 

We have a plan. We execute the plan, and we win the day. I like to win with my clients, it is honestly all I care about. After all these years of training athletes/clients, I still love making people greater than they ever believed possible. That’s not a sells pitch, it’s just how I roll the ball. 

If this fits your mindset, come train with me, and you’ll never regret where you’ll be a year from now.

I offer one on one and small group training. Each session is typically 1 hour.

Phone : (256) 224-3849